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Dr. Henry Shao
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Acupuncture is a form of healing which is more than three thousand years old but has really only come into the vocabulary of the average American in the past few years. Although many people have been skeptical about acupuncture, it has gained increasing acceptance as acupuncture has helped treat more and more people.

Acupuncture affects the energy level and the functioning of internal organs by either stimulating or depressing their action. Acupuncture works through the insertion of thread-like, stainless steel needles in specific points on the body. These points are grouped along energetic channels (or meridians) that cross the body. Upon insertion, the patient may feel a slight sensation, but the needles are designed to be virtually painless.

According to the World Health Organization, (WHO), Acupuncture therapy is effective for 47 kinds of diseases. Acupuncture therapy treats patients without drugs; it is a completely natural treatment so it does not have side effects as drugs usually do. It raises a patient's own inner forces by enhancing them to allow self-cure. It also raises the patient's own immune system activity, thus preventing disease. Additionally, acupuncture benefits many people who have not been helped by conventional medical methods.

Prior to 1972, no insurance company paid for acupuncture, but now about 80% of the insurance companies are covering the treatments. It is necessary to check with your own insurance company. Acupuncture treatments are totally tax deductible as a medical expense.

The following are examples of patients who have seen the results of Dr. Shao's treatment:

Gregory Ratnor of Wellington, FL, had an accidental injury to his neck 5 years ago. He suffered from shoulder and hand pain and could hardly walk. He came to Dr. Shao, and after 3 treatments, the pain was gone. He felt like a new man, with more energy. He also had Tennis Elbow which took just one treatment to correct.

Swendolyn Ghedemah of West Palm Beach, FL came to Dr. Shao with Liver Cancer in February 2000. The liver was hardened and enlarged when she came to Dr. Shao's clinic. After 6 weeks, she was feeling better with more energy. She had her liver checked by a medical doctor who told her that her liver cancer was soft and that it had shrunk in size. She felt well enough to travel to Jamaica on business and will be back in July to continue her treatments.

Sylvia Ansay of West Palm Beach, FL had been suffering from depression, low kidney and liver energies and also had frequent intestinal problems. After her first treatment, she felt better. She continues treatments once a month for maintenance.

Beatrice Dore of Loxahatchee, FL came to Dr. Shao with neck and shoulder pain that radiated to her hands. Even minimal movement was extremely painful. She used to see a chiropractor 3 times a day for 6 months with no results. A friend recommended Dr. Shao to her. After 1 month of treatment, the pain was gone. She comes once a month for body balancing and energy.

Barbara Mciellal of Miami Lakes, FL was diagnosed by her doctors with Endometriosis. Her doctors told her she needed surgery to remove her uterus. She was only 32 years old and refused this surgery. She came to Dr. Shao's clinic for treatments. After 3 months she went back to the hospital for a check-up, and everything was found to be normal.

Bernard Broussard of Sunny Isles Beach, FL came to Dr. Shao wit a PSA of 14 and blood pressure of 180/110. He had no energy, his prostate was swollen, and he was overweight. He went to a medical doctor first but refused surgery. After a year of treatments with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, his PSA has gone down to 5, there is no swelling in his prostate and his blood pressure is normal. He feels stronger, and he now holds two jobs, one in the Board of Education and another as a teacher in the evening.

Sherife Savasir of Lake Worth, FL came to Dr. Shao through a friend's recommendation. She had severe back pain that the medical doctors could not help her with. After only 3 treatments of Acupuncture, the pain was gone.

Dr. Henry Shao is from Shanghai, China. He graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with an MD degree. He worked for twenty years in Shanghai Central Hospital as chief Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor. He specializes in Acupuncture, massage, fracture rehabilitation, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. He combines therapy with Chinese Tai-qi and Qi-gong. Consultations for information are FREE. Dr Shao invites you to make an appointment for a consultation in his office. There is no charge or obligation. Emergency and home-bound patient services are available. Call 561-791-9970. Dr. Shao's clinic is located at 9100 Belvedere Rd, Suite 110.